Fun weekend at the Dirty Girl Mud Run in Eastern PA!

This past weekend was a fun, and muddy, one! A group of awesome girlfriends formed a team and we called ourselves Mud, Sweat, and Beers!

Mud Run before shot
We dressed alike, we ran, we climbed over obstacles, we climbed under them, we crawled through mud, we hiked the hilly course in PA, we supported one another, we laughed, and we all stuck together like a true team! 

The Dirty Girl Mud Run in Schnecksville, PA started in 15 minute heats this past Saturday and went all morning until about 2:00 PM. Our team signed up for the 8:45 AM heat. It was a good time because it was not too crowded at the registration or the starting line, and once we got out on the course, we had no wait time or back up at the obstacles… which was something I read was a problem, so glad we avoided that!

start Dirty_Girl_Mud_Run

Once we got checked in and our bibs and T-shirt, we got a few quick pictures and headed over to the start line.

Mur Dun Dirty Girl

Go_Dirty_Girl_Mud_run 4

We ordered team tank tops off of an Etsy site called DiamondGirlFashion (are’t they awesome!?). The T-shirts you get for the race were nothing to write home about, which for the price, was a little disappointing.

We all did a few stretches and “dropped it like a squat” at the starting line and then were off into the fields for the 5k obstacle run.

Go_Dirty_Girl_Mud_run 3

There were about 10-12 obstacles including a couple walls to climb over, a few muddy pits to walk through and some you had to crawl through, a bouncy thing that didn’t have any mud (which was odd?), some ropes to climb up…. unfortunately, spectators really could not see the course so I don’t have any photos of the obstacles.

While I did not think the obstacles were all that difficult, I think they were great for a team to do together and just hard enough that the majority of participants could get through them, with a little help form their friends if need be.

The race was not timed, so we all stuck together and walked up the really hilly parts with heavy muddy sneakers!

The final few hundred yards we got to run past the cheering crowd and finish the race with one final muddy pit!

Mud RUn finish lineMud Run mud pit


High fives at the finish line then off for a photo op!

Mud Sweat and Beers dirty shotAfter the run, we grabbed some water and Lara bars and headed to the rinse station…which was not crowded when we got there, but as the day went on, the lines to use the hoses got really long!

After we were freshened up, at least as much as we could be, we all met back at the beer tent!

Mud sweat and BEERS
Mud Run beersI think everyone had a great time and I would definitely recommend doing the Dirty Girl Mud Run with a team of your favorite, fabulous girlfriends! A few things to keep in mind if you do ever do a mud run:

1. Register for an earlier heat to avoid long lines at registration and the rinse station, obstacle back ups, beat the heat, and to get a parking spot that is not a half a mile away.

2. Your shoes will get nasty so just donate them when you are done! And bring flip flops to change into!

3. You also may want to wear higher socks – as my socks started to fall down and the mud and grit brushed against the back of my ankle during the run and I have a little cut from it.

4. The race is pricey but it is for charity and is a fun event.

5. You don’t really need to do any crazy training, but should have a basic fitness level to complete this run.  You can go at your own pace, it is not timed.

6. Sign up with a friend or team and stick together! There were a couple obstacles where no one was there except our teammates, just better to be safe and have someone around you just in case you get hurt.  And it is just more fun with friends!

7. Keep your eyes peeled for teenagers who did the race and are not going to use their beer ticket on their bib. We scored a few free beers this way… and just by standing by the beer tent!🙂

8. Drink water before you run.  There are some water stations on the course, but since you are doing obstacles and may be waiting for teammates or to get through obstacles, the run will take longer than a typical 5k.  It took us a little over an hour.

9. While I did not do this and it would have been a little tough at some spots, you could totally bring your iphone or camera in a ziplock bag and take pictures along the way.

10. Have fun, get muddy, and enjoy the course!

Mud Run walk
*I received a free race entry to the Dirty Girl Mud Run in eastern PA, all opinions are my own.

*Photo credit: Kev-cat

Do any fun runs this weekend??

Ever do a mud run and would you do it again?


16 thoughts on “Fun weekend at the Dirty Girl Mud Run in Eastern PA!

  1. This looks like an awesome run! I’m so glad you did a summary of your experience! I saw info about the race (I live in Philly) but didn’t know what to expect so I didn’t register! Now that I know a little more I will definitely register next time!

    • Yes!! I read a few negative reviews before I signed up but I really think going earlier makes all the difference…seems people that went later in the day didn’t seem to have as much fun because of the heat and waiting time at the obstacles.

  2. Looks similar to the 5k Foam Fest I did in June! Obstacle course races are a great way to bond, get dirty, and run without caring about time. Looks like a blast! I want to do another one!

  3. I ran this race last year at that location – Skirmish, right? I loved it! I ran it with my sister in law and we had a blast. I was scared of the huge mud slide thing at the end (which I don’t see i your pictures so maybe they got rid of it?) because people were breaking bones on it and getting hurt. But I liked the rest of the obstacles. Great idea with the teenagers’ free beer tickets!

    • Oh awesome! This one in Schnecksville actually? Yeah we didn’t have a mud slide, just a big mud pit at the end…although a mud slide sounds pretty cool, but I suppose I would prefer not to get injured!🙂

  4. Cute pictures! I’m totally going to have to order one of those shirts from Etsy!
    I did a mud run a few years back with my husband and we had a blast, but it was at 2pm in the heat of summer so we dragged through it. I am glad I did it, but don’t think I would do another one. Wading through a mud pit just wasn’t for me and there were way too long of lines to get through the obstacles!!
    Great advice about the socks! And I would recommend tying your shoes tight, tight, tight. I almost lost mine a few times trudging through the mud!

    • The shirts were awesome! Yes, I am very glad we did an earlier heat…that was one of the main things I read about when looking at reviews of the race. Very true about the shoes being tied tight too, I forgot about that! I did not lose a shoes but I see how that could happen!!

  5. SO FUN! those tanks are adorable!
    Yeah, I’m not a drinker so I always take my tag & all I have to say is “Who wants… “& I can never get my sentence out – someone is always looking for a free ticket🙂

    • Haha, that’s funny. Our group just so happen to be standing by the beer tent and someone gave us 2 free tickets and then everyone was like ‘man, we should have been looking for these all along!’🙂 And the shirts are so awesome, loved them!!

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