Active Accessories: On-The-Go Hair Band Bracelets [Review]

active_accessories2 Do you suffer from hair tie wrist dent-itis (it’s a thing…I think!)?

Do you find yourself wearing your old hair ties around your wrists more than your pretty lil bracelets? (I am totally guilty of this) Some might call this ugly ponytail holder bracelet syndrome… it is a sad thing indeed. 

Speaking about sad and awful, there are few things worse than a hot day and not having anything to pull your hair back with! Am I right or am I right!? I have had my ponytail holder elastic snap in the middle of a soccer game and it SUCKED!! Running around while trying to hold your hair back is just no way to live! Oh the trials and tribulations of having hair…  (Obviously being dramatic and silly here!)

But on a serious note, my friends, I found your stylish, fun, and totally wrist dent free solution: On-The-Go Hair Band Bracelets by Active Accessories! Active Accessories On The Go CollageI got the chance to try these bad boys last month and before I even saw the product I LOVED the concept! I chose the Elegant 6-pack of Hair Band Bracelets (shown above) and am totally digging how stylish they look! The nifty little Hair Band Bracelets are a great solution to some very common (and serious) problems, that we covered above.  Although…I have been wearing a Hair Band Bracelet on my wrist practically everyday since I got them….way more than I wear normal bracelets…so I guess some things do not change! But, if you are going to sport a hair tie during your next big night out – this is the way to go!

Or to cheer on the USA soccer team in the World Cup… (These Hair Band Bracelets are very versatile like that!) go_USA Each pack has 6 fabulous hair ties for about $7.99. They come in all sorts of colors and designs and they really do make the perfect accessory to any outfit! Active Accessories On The Go Collage2The only two issues I had with the Hair Band Bracelets were 1) I could not wrap it 3 times around my ponytail. Therefor, I had to use it with a more elastic hair tie to ensure a secure ponytail that would not fall out (which, I admit, is a common problem for me) or use it in a braid….which worked fine, but brings be to my second gripe which is 2) The band has a little tie part that sticks out and while it looked fine on my wrist, it kind of looked silly in my hair sometimes… notice I tried to tuck it under in the picture below… but that still looks kind of odd? active_accessAll in all , I really like the Hair Band Bracelets and I think they are totally worth buying! They are great to wear around your wrist as an accessory and to have just in case you find yourself in need of tying your hair up. However, I would recommend a more sturdy hair tie if you plan to be working out or moving around a lot!

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Do you struggle with hair tie wrist dent-itis, attack of the crazy hair in need of taming, or ugly ponytail holder bracelet syndrome??

Any cool products or solutions you use to tame hair during a workout?

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  1. UGH. The dreaded hair tie dent on the wrist is so annoying. I also hate looking at pictures where I forgot to take my hair tie off of my wrist and you can obviously see it. My favorite and very high tech method of taming my hair…. is wearing a hat. I really need to be better about finding new ways!

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