Summer Beach Workout


Happy first day of summer (June 21) – It is the longest day of the year today!🙂

Summer is my favorite time of the year for sure… trips to the beach, grilling, outdoor music, evening walks, summer soccer season, my birthday…so many fun things to do in the summer. 

I love going to the beach and waking up early to run on the sand or swim in the ocean and enjoy a cup of coffee before anyone else is out there. It is so peaceful and serene.


I also like to get to the beach early so I can incorporate a little workout in with my run or swim before the beaches get packed and people look at me like I am crazy!

So next time you hit the beach, take this little workout with you…. it is quick, efficient, and beach-friendly!



Do you like to run on the beach? Have you ever worked out on the beach?

What is your favorite season?

10 thoughts on “Summer Beach Workout

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  2. I haven’t done sustained runs on the beach, more enjoy walks on it … and runs on paths along the beachfront. 🙂

    I like something about every season, which I suppose is why New England makes sense for me. But I prefer a month like May or June, where I can just toss on shorts and shirt and go run, and it isn’t too hot either.

    • I definitely enjoy walking on the beach too and feeling the sand in my feet. Running on the sand with no shoes is painful and running with shoes can be annoying because they get wet and sandy! #seriouslifeproblems

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