Core/Stability Workout for Golfers

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I do not talk too much on my blog about what I do for a living because it really has nothing to do with fitness and I don’t want to bore anyone! One of the SweatPink younger sistas asked on the FB page last week what everyone did for a job, and I noticed the responses were SO varied! Some people did work in the health and fitness field as a trainer, instructor, or brand manager, but most had jobs completely unrelated to fitness! 

I work at a Country Club full-time doing member services and communications. I got the opportunity to start teaching a few classes at the Fitness Center and my first go at it was yesterday morning leading a Core, Stability, and Balance class. The class is geared towards golfers whose main focus is a strong core and increased flexibility, but the class also attracts older adults who benefit greatly from stability and balance training. It is a little different than the high intensity boot camp style classes I am used to, but I did enjoy the change of pace and core-focus!

Below is a sample workout that would be great for golfers, older adults, or just anyone looking to improve core stability and strength (pretty much everyone!!)


Core/Stability Workout

Warm Up:

Circuit 1 – High knees, High knees with hip rotations in & out, Slow squats, Arm circles, Torso twists, Hold a plank

Circuit 2 – Butt kicks, Step back lunges, Standing toe touches, Arm huggers, Torso twists w/ both arms out front, Hold plank


Core w/ Medicine Ball:

Circuit 1
10 ea. side – Squats with rotation/Chops (touch ball to floor on R side, rotate torso to bring over head to L side)
16 Standing arm circles with ball
20 Russian twists

Circuit 2
10 ea. side – Lunges with Rotation
16 Standing chest press
30 second Plank with hands on medicine ball


Balance Training w/ Light Dumbbells:

Circuit 1
15 Shoulder presses on one leg
Tree-to-stork yoga pose rotations

20 Alternating back lunges w/ dumbbells at sides
Hold Warrior I pose into Warrior II

10 ea. side – Single leg bent over back rows
Hold Warrior III pose

Circuit 2
10 ea. side – Single leg deadlifts
Hold a wall squat for 45 seconds

10 ea. side – Bicep curls on one leg
Hold side planks for 30 seconds each

10 Squats to toe raises with shoulder press
Hold weights to side for 30 seconds


Stretch/Strength Segment:

Strength/Stretch Combos: Exaggerated walking lunges, Chaturanga pushups, Downward dog

Core stretches: Lying lower trunk rotation, knees to chest, child’s pose, prone press

Lower Body stretches: Quad, hamstrings, hip flexors, calves, piriformis

Upper Body stretches: Shoulder, chest, back, triceps, wrists

3 thoughts on “Core/Stability Workout for Golfers

  1. Thanks for sharing – that is a pretty great and varied looking workout! I have definitely been enjoying just the little Abs challenge this month, so I can see the appeal in this (and the challenge!)

    I always think it IS interesting to find out what bloggers do ‘in the real world’!🙂

    • Yes! Sometimes after doing all the balance moves with light weights, I feel the need to go pick something heavy up and put it down!🙂

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