Exercise and Nutrition Tracking Sheet: Free Printable

Did you know that new exercisers are likely to quit within their first 3 – 6 months, even with the help of a personal trainer!?

How do you stay motivated when it comes to working out and eating healthy?
I read (blogs, fitness magazines, etc), create at-home workouts, and know that I feel better when I take care of my body! 

How do you hold yourself accountable? I have found challenges, workout buddies, and teaching classes (can’t not show up if you are the instructor!) help to hold me accountable.

How do you know if you are doing enough or improving?
I tend to base this off how I feel before, during, and after workouts. I try to beat previous workouts, whether it be doing a similar workout in a shorter amount of time, running a bit further than last time, or increasing my weights or reps.

One great way to do all three of these things: stay motivated, hold yourself accountable, AND track your progress is to write things down!

I made this fun little sheet that you can print out if you want that helps to track your workouts, as well as how much water you are drinking and your fruit & vege intake. tracking sh

Print It!

Writing things down allows you to visually look back at what you have done and evaluate if you are improving, slacking off, or staying on the same schedule for too long. When you write things down you also make more of a mental and emotional commitment to get it done… how boring would your tracking sheet look with just one or two days filled out!?

Check out what Jillian Michaels has to say in one of her articles in Glamour: 3 Reasons You Should Write Down Your Weight-Loss Goals.

Do you write things down? Do you track your progress in some other way (an app, excel sheet, personal trainer)?

If not, how come and do you think it would benefit you if you did?

24 thoughts on “Exercise and Nutrition Tracking Sheet: Free Printable

  1. It isn’t so much writing down as tracking – as soon as I started tracking my miles, my pace, the number of days I exercised each week … and also my food intake, that I really saw a fundamental change. More than just weight loss.

  2. I love reading blog and fitness magazine to help keep my motivated to losing this weight!
    Thanks for the free printable totally going to use this one!!!

  3. I track my fitness in a few different ways and each has their purposes. I use Dailymile and the blog for the social aspect of logging, you know the support and accountability from others. I use Runningahead for the numbers nerd in me, this has really helped me see how far I have come and can really keep me on track for my time and distance based goals. I also write things down in a personal log, this is just as I said.. personal. Helps me understand why I do things the way I do and what are good and bad habits for me.

  4. I actually just posted about what keeps me motivated on those ‘down days’, and surprisingly the same things come up – reading, watching and listening etc.

    There is a lot of information available you just need to know where to look and what questions to ask.

    • There is so much information out there now a days, and I agree, you got to know where to find the right info and what works for you! Thanks for stopping by my blog!🙂

  5. This sheet is great! I track on MyFitnessPal and I definitely notice a difference when I track! I love that you added water and fruit/veggies to the chart! I drink about 48oz of water most days, but I feel like I drank a lot more when I was working, so I always try to improve in that area. Thanks for sharing this awesome printable at Tips and Tricks Tuesday!

  6. Pretty printable Sarah! As a dietitian, I definitely believe in writing and tracking (possibly not forever or if it gets obsessive) but it is a great tool to keeping mindful and goal-oriented.

    Stay warm in PA! I moved from NYC a year and a half ago to LA so I’m enjoying the reprieve from the PolarVortex right around now.

    So glad you hooked up for the #14in2014 Goals/Resolutions/Intentions link-up and I look forward to getting to know you better in 2014.

    • It is indeed amazing what you find out when you write things down! I imagine that is a valuable tool as a dietitian – always thought that would be a fun job!

  7. These are great, I love the idea of writing everything down to stay accountable. This year I’m trying to run 2014 km so tracking all of my miles has been great!

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