The ‘You said 50 of WHAT’ workout and getting back into yoga

say what

Yesterday, I took a trip to a local bagel joint for some morning necessities: coffee and bagels, of course. I saw a couple there in workout clothes and sweaty hair…and I was kind of jealous! I saw some runners today on the way home from church, I admired them, but not enough to actually want to go outside and run today! Brr! 

With all the snow in PA and a broken down car, my workouts have been slacking, to say the least! I needed to do something today to get my heart pumping…so I thought, what are some of the hardest at home exercises I could do? And how many could I do to make it just miserable hard enough that I will be glad when it is over!?🙂

im 50!

50 seemed like a good number!

Then I thought… maybe I could push myself a bit further by seeing how fast I could do it in!

50 of what workout

Here is how I did it:

20 burpees
20 push ups
20 squat jumps
20 side planks on right side
20 side planks on left side
20 sit ups
20 plank jack

Then do 10 of each exercise to finish it off!

Time: 13 min and 30 seconds

And I still had time for a little at-home yoga! I have been loving Chickadee Say’s yoga poses lately. She has great images (on her whole blog but also for yoga poses), demonstrates different poses for different situations (stress relief, for runners, etc), and she knows all the names to the poses🙂 (something I am working on!)

yoga runners lunge

Yoga Runner’s Lunge

I think my hands should actually be back a smidge, so they are right next to my foot, but hey…I am getting there!🙂

This stretch felt great for my groin and hamstrings! I love doing the lunges in yoga, they really open up your hips and give your legs a nice stretch! I started doing them before runs back in November and really enjoyed adding that little bit of yoga into my workout/runs.

Have you been stuck in the house lately? What do you do to make sure you get a good workout at home?

If you try this ’50’ workout, let me know your time!

12 thoughts on “The ‘You said 50 of WHAT’ workout and getting back into yoga

    • It did warm me right up!🙂 My sides are actually a bit sore too from the side planks! Goes to show I have been slacking off lately!

    • Good call, I hate doing more than 3 sets of anything…it is a mental thing I guess, but I always try to get things done in 1 or 2 sets! It is all the same in the end though! Stay warm!

    • I think timing myself was beneficial too b/c it forced me to stay focused and not get distracted at home, which is a common problem for me!

  1. We’ve been stuck in the house in Minnesota for sure! Highs of -15 and -50 windchills around here! I’ve been doing a Biggest Loser DVD I got in the mail and am committing to it for a full 30 days. I’m only on the first week, And I may get a little bored, but I’m committed! This looks like a great workout! 50 – whew! Hope you’re having a great week, Sarah! If you get a chance to link up at Tips and Tricks Tuesday, we’d love it!!!

    • Ooh well you guys have it worse than us so I guess I should not complain too much! I love Jillian’s workout dvds! never did a Biggest Loser one…

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