Shh Fit Happens is on Facebook ya all

OK, so after a few friends asking me to put my blog on Facebook because it would be easier to follow, despite my not wanting to add yet another social media site to visit regularly and figuring out how to to not mix my personal FB page with my blog page, I decided IT WAS TIME!

A blog is similar to a business in many aspects, especially if you want to grow, build your brand, and gain more readers. You have to make it as accessible as possible, right? 

In the article that the image above came from, it stated that 93% of marketers use social media for business. And with all the social media sites available today, Facebook takes the cake! Go Mark Zuckerberg!

I actually really enjoyed The Social Network movie that shows how Facebook came into our lives and has never left!

While the social media site often annoys me with the ridiculousness of people posting stupid things, quitting and then coming back, and just the general overflow of TMI…  it is still quite mind blowing how ‘Facebook’ has become a regular part of almost every person’s vocabulary!

In my recent trip to Punta Cana, many of the workers were obviously Dominican Republic and spoke mostly Spanish. My sister and I were talking with one of the waiters and we were surprised when he said to find him on Facebook. Not sure why I was surprised, I have friends on FB that I used to work with in Ocean City, MD who live in Russia, Hungry, Ireland, and Nepal! Facebook is everywhere!

These Facebook graphics are funny… and I just spent way too much time reading them!

But anyway, back to important things! Please LIKE my Facebook page for Shh Fit Happens because everyone knows if people ‘like’ your page you are important!

Also, if you are a blogger or have a business, I thought this info-graphic below was really interesting:

What social media site do you visit the most??

If you have a blog, any tips or tricks to having a FB page for your blog ?

19 thoughts on “Shh Fit Happens is on Facebook ya all

  1. I would say I visit Twitter most. I don’t have my blog linked up to a Facebook page, however my blog is linked to my Twitter and I find this can help with reach and increases my hits/likes etc. Keep at it I’m sure linking your blog to Facebook will pay off in the long run. Great blog post! Love the infographic

    • Thanks Jessica – yes that info-graphic is interesting! The stats are a bit crazy, although I guess I am not super surprised…1.5 BILLION users for facebook, and the next two social media sites, Twitter and Google Plus, don’t even come close!

  2. I think that if you want your blog to be successful you’ve got integrate it with other social media. I haven’t done it properly yet myself, it’s on the to do list.

  3. I have so many of my family and friends from childhood / high school, college, fraternity, various jobs and current life all on Facebook … that is the obvious place. The other blog I write for is on Facebook, but I try not to mix them together … I am also very conscious about never discussing work stuff on Facebook. My personal blog is just me writing junk, and I auto-link over from WordPress to my various social media. That way I get G+ friends who comment there, Tweets, Facebook comments and stuff directly to the blog.

    So … I have no tips🙂

    • Haha, I do agree though that keeping certain things personal is VERY important! And increasingly hard to do with all these sites that link to everything!!

  4. My Facebook page is the thing I hate to update the most when it comes to my blog! I don’t know what it is, but I despise that little page and don’t do too much with it. Probably makes me a bad blogger, but I can’t help it! Even learning to figure out google+ seems like more fun that dealing with my fb page. So strange… That said, I’m heading over to like your page!

  5. Just liked it! I personally think of Facebook for my blog with a big ol’ UGGGHHHHH. I’d much rather do Twitter because it’s quick and simple. But there really are so many more people on Facebook, so someone giving a quick “like” will get spread to a ton of people who are unaware of your site. Social media, it’s a blessing AND a curse!😉

    • Very true, I am sure it will be worth it in the long run, although doesn’t feel like it when you have to set it all up, update and make it interesting, and try to get likes, haha!

  6. I too just started to use FB this year ( for personal and blogging). I’ve stayed away from it for many years because I figured it was just a big fat waste of time ( which it truly is), but on the other hand it really has helped me make really good connections ( both personal and professional) and has opened up opportunities for me that I may not have had other wise. Good Luck!

  7. Just liked your page, friend! I don’t use Facebook as much anymore, my favorites are Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram (you know… everything else!) Haha!

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