Why a Run to your Local Farmer’s Stand is the Best Detox for your Body

I have never particularly been a fan of detoxing, or ‘diets’ for that matter.


I love this movie!

The whole idea of it is just a little hard to buy. These products and plans and books make all these great claims about how a certain diet will quickly and effectively change our life forever. Or a detox will rid our bodies of all these toxins and make us so much healthier… but what scientific proof is there, really!? What studies have shown how much toxins are in the human body before and after a detox, how many toxins were actually cleaned out, how long will they stay out? 

I worked for a chiropractor a few years back who ran a wellness and weight loss center along with his practice. He sold 6 – 8 week weight loss programs. These programs included drinking a detox concoction as your only form of nutrients for the first few days, then following a very low calorie meal plan sprinkled in with a couple days here and there (more if you were really over weight) of just drinking the detox concoction. On top of that, participants spent 20 -30 minutes in the sauna after a workout sweating out their toxins (I don’t know about you, but after a sweat session I am wanting an ice cold water and a pool maybe, not a hot as hell sauna!) and many were encourage to do this weird (and expensive) wrap that was supposed to rid your body of toxins by putting a cream on your skin and then wrapping your whole body in like cellophane.

Once again, no scientific proof or evidence of how or why this all actually works. Just print material and videos and websites of people ‘claiming’ they experienced such amazing results after doing these wraps or following these detox programs.

There is a company that actually puts this whole ‘weight-loss’ package together and sells it to chiropractors looking to incorporate wellness programs into their practices. This particular chiropractor I worked for bought into it, so much so I almost believed all the BS, and he charged people a fortune for these detox weight loss programs and “doctors’ advice”.

ANYWAY, the idea behind cleaning your body of toxins is a great one, the media’s twist of the truth, on the other hand, is not so great. But there is no doubt that ridding your body or staying away from toxic things such as alcohol, cigarette smoke, processed food, additives, pesticides, and cleaning chemicals is a smart thing to do!

The reasons most people give as to why they would like to detox include losing weight, healthier looking skin, more energy, sleeping better, and becoming over all healthier.

Let me share a few reasons why a run to your local farmer’s stand will solve all the above mentioned problems (and more) and is so much better than a quick fix ‘detox’.


–          Local, organic foods offer benefits to our bodies that help rid them of toxins naturally: the produce is not processed and has no pesticide exposure, fruits and veges are full of nutrients and antioxidants, and the fiber in them aid in digestion and flushing our system.

–          A run, or any kind of exercise, helps increase blood flow and allows for the body’s systems to function more efficiently.

–          And after you run, you most likely are going to want some H2O, which aids in healthy looking skin, digestion, absorption, circulation, transportation of nutrients, and providing energy to muscles.

–          A 3-day cleanse, which is generally not very nutritious and too few calories, especially if you are exercising while doing the cleanse, is not going to solve a whole lifestyle of crap! Think about your liver, which is a self-cleaning organ and processes everything that comes into the body, it takes some time to rid the body of the negative effects of alcoholism, just like it takes some time for an alcoholic’s liver to rot.

–          Many times, people who do these extreme diets or cleanses thinking it will ‘jump start’ a new, healthier life find that once they slip up, they quickly return to old habits and end up putting on more weight than when they started! Also, I know when I don’t eat enough and am really hungry, I am more likely to over indulge later.


Have you ever done a detox? How did it work out for you?

12 thoughts on “Why a Run to your Local Farmer’s Stand is the Best Detox for your Body

  1. I agree with what you’re saying, there are no miracle diet. I personally believe in eating real, whole, foods (organic). However, when our bodies might have a certain weakness (we do live in a very polluted world), I do believe taking occasional food-based supplements in the form of plants can be a great help. I have done several cleanses with organic plants and I definitely noticed a difference. But it also goes as a balanced way of eating and living healthy. I compare it to someone never showering but putting clean clothes on top. At some point, you need to take a shower and start fresh.😉

    • That is a good way of looking at it… although I guess if you stayed clean and showered you are better off! Haha. I would not mind doing a ‘cleanse’ to kind of kick start myself and refresh, but I think my cleanse would be more like wholesome eating and cuttinging out the crap for a week or something, I would still need to fuel up or else I would be so miserable! I notice such a difference just when I skip lunch and then have to go play soccer or workout, I am so much more fatigued mentally and physically.

      • Ohh! you mean a fast-type of cleanse? No, I’ve never done that, I am hypoglycemic and that makes it much harder. Although I’ve done a 3-day juice cleanse and it went really well. The types of cleanse that I do are just taking a couple of pills filled with organic plants (i.e. food) that helps your organs to renew their cells (i.e. clean itself).
        I’ve been eating 95% organic for 12 years, I eat fairly clean foods all the time, but somehow that 5% and the fact that we all live in such a polluted world (sigh) eventually catches up and I always feel good after doing one of those cleanses (usually 30 days).
        I really like the brand Renew (the one with a sun on the box), I find them gentle. I do drink a fresh veggie juice almost every morning and that does help too. If you’re not a juicer, I highly recommend it!🙂 And thanks for stopping by my blog🙂

        • Oh wow, I admire you for eating so healthy for 12 years! I actually have a juicer but havent used it in a while, I need to break it out!!

          • I don’t deprive myself of the little treats I like, I just make them healthy. It’s just a new routine/habit.🙂
            Yeah! get that puppy out and start juicing! It’s awesome! I have some cool recipes on my blog too to help out. Most people aren’t used to the taste, so it’s ok to add a few apples or fruits at first (with lots of veggies and greens), and then gradually reduce the fruit content.

  2. I hate when people talk about a detox or cleanse diet. I want to be like how do you think eating either some processed drink or just drinking basically sugar on juice cleanse is better for you or more CLEANSING than eating only whole natural foods?!?

    Like you said if you go to your local farmer’s market and get food, you will be doing more to clean out and restore your body than any starvation cleanse juice thing could ever do!

    Cleanse diets are total crap. Someone just found a way to make money so exploited it!

    • Oh agreed, you can make money on anything if you market it right now a days! It is so crazy, and so easy for the general population to be mis-guided!

  3. Dear Sarah,
    In addition to your post I was wondering, my friend runs a booth at some local farmer’s markets and wants me to stencil a sign/banner for him, cause at the moment they’re using a beat-up piece of butcher paper. I was thinking that I should probably use some sort of fabric because that seems like it will be durable and easy to transport and stuff. I’ve been painting/making stencils for over a year now but I’ve never really worked with fabric before, other than a few t-shirts. I’m not really sure what will take the paint well and stand up to the wind and teenage boys and hopefully a washing every now and then. so my question is: what type of fabric should I use? should I use fabric at all? it’s going to be hung either from a table or one of those pop-up tent things. thanks!
    Catch you again soon!

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