Breakfast Like a King, Supper Like a Pauper

king-of-heartsI wrote a post back in October about the trickiness and confusion around whether or not a calorie is just a calorie is actually just a calorie… if that makes sense!🙂 Basically, I have heard so many people say they are (drastically) cutting calories and working out all the time, and still not losing weight! Now, obviously there is the fact that they may not actually be cutting back as many calories as they think or claim and/or they are not working out as hard or as often as they think or claim.

In fact, in a study printed in USA TODAY, it was estimated that out of 1,024 people, 63% can not accurately estimate how many calories a day they SHOULD be eating to lose or maintain their weight, 25% won’t even venture a guess and only 12% can nail it. The article also stated that 77% of people don’t meet the government’s guidelines of 2½ hours of moderate-intensity physical activity a week. 

Courtesy of ACE Fitness

Courtesy of ACE Fitness

So, it is safe to say that EDUCATION is important in weight loss! But let’s say the calculations are pretty accurate and a person seems to be putting in less calories than they are expending…and is still not losing weight!?

This has kind of bugged me for a while. Since I am not a doctor or dietitian,  my scope of practice is limited. And I often find myself a bit perplexed when clients claim they are doing everything they are supposed to and still not losing! Granted, like I said earlier and based on experience, MOST of the time people are miscalculating or maybe lying to themselves. But not always!

In a very recent study published in the International Journal of Obesity, researchers found a direct connection to WHEN you eat and weight loss. We have all heard that we should not eat past 8PM or that breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day, but I, for one, have never seen any actually facts proving this.

I love studies so I wanted to share this article from my IDEA Fitness magazine as soon as I read it! You can read the entire article here, but below are the study’s very interesting results:

“To evaluate the role of food timing in weight-loss efforts, researchers recruited 420 overweight participants to follow a 20-week weight-loss treatment program in Spain. The participants were divided into two groups: early-eaters and late-eaters, according to the self-selected timing of the main meal, which in this Mediterranean population was lunch. During this meal, 40 percent of the total daily calories are consumed. Early-eaters ate lunch anytime before 3 p.m. and late-eaters, after 3 p.m. They found that late-eaters lost significantly less weight than early-eaters and displayed a much slower rate of weight-loss. Late-eaters also had a lower estimated insulin sensitivity, which is a risk factor for diabetes.”

I also just want to point out, that while the timing of meals may be important, there are many other factors (that I will not dive too deep in to right now) that may contribute to someone not being able to lose weight quickly and effectively. Some examples include metabolism, hormone imbalance, sleep deprivation, the nutrition content of foods eaten, fluid retention, or certain medications.

Is breakfast your biggest meal of the day? (Mine is not… mainly b/c I don’t make it a priority to wake up in time to make it.  I admit, I need to work on that!)

Do you agree with the research? (I do, but I do believe every BODY is different. Some people’s health may be just fine and they eat their biggest meal at night. I would have to say dinner is usually my biggest meal, and while I would be considered ‘healthy’ by most, I am SURE if I ate better I would have even more energy, less fat, and better over all health!)

15 thoughts on “Breakfast Like a King, Supper Like a Pauper

  1. Breakfast is my favorite meal, but like you, I often don’t have time to eat a big breakfast. Instead, I take oatmeal to work with me and eat at my desk. But I also eat much, much later than I should, too. Late-night soccer games get some of the blame!

  2. I have to say dinner is my biggest meal, but the majority of it is vegetables. And I usually eat it about 7:30-8:00. Breakfast is usually oatmeal or a scone, both with a banana at my desk around 9:00 am. But I still managed to lost 55 pounds last year, so I’m not going to mess with success. I think it’s a matter of calories in and energy out.

    • Yeah, you seem like you know what your doing over there! Good for you!🙂 Oatmeal, bananas, and veggies every day sounds like a pretty healthy diet to me, even if you do eat dinner later (which I do to, so hey, it works for us!)

  3. I try to follow this practice – eating more in the AM than in the PM – but some days it’s very hard. I always feel like I need some kind of “treat” at night. Sometimes that treat is in the form of yogurt after dinner, or dinner itself. I will say though – on days where I don’t crack at all, I feel so accomplished🙂

    I always appreciate your comments on my blog, so I nominated you for a little blog award! I hope you’ll check it out. No pressure to participate, but it’s a good way to connect with other bloggers out there. Hope you’re having a great day!

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  4. One of my biggest challenges is portion size. I’ve made significant changes in my meals to include healthier choices, but I still struggle with how much I’m actually eating. Which I think is the case for many people on a weight loss venture. I do my best to be conscious now of how much I’m eating, but I’d say breakfast and dinner are equal in size, but I do try to include a balanced meal. Having both meals not small or large satisfy my hunger. I’ve learned that when I eat more veggies and proteins I do feel more full. Another thing I do is sit down at the table and eat , even if it’s just myself. Not rushing the meal has taught me to recognize when I really am full.

  5. I totally agree that EDUCATION is a huge, huge factor in improving health!

    Right now, I’m working on a meal plan that spreads my calories evenly throughout the day. Personally, I feel so gross when I go to bed with a full belly!

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