Faith & Fitness Fridays: Podcast edition

Hello and happy Friday!

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about the start of a new post series called Faith & Fitness Fridays.

With sunny days finally here and summer concerts and vacations in full swing, my weekends have been busy! Busy and fun, of course. Last weekend, my sister and I went to Scranton to see Dierks Bentley and Chris Young, along with a few other rising country singers.


This weekend I am off to go camping with family and friends for our third annual yurt camping trip. (Wikipedia says: A yurt is a portable, bent dwelling structure traditionally used by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia as their home…in case you were wondering!)

yurts 2014

While I love the beautiful weather and family fun, it often means I am not home on Sunday to go to church. Luckily, the church I attend offers their sermons online to stream. If you are looking for a church or perhaps would enjoy going to church but cannot make it on Sundays, I really recommend checking out some of the sermons here.

Today, I thought it would be great to share a few of my favorite podcasts/audio series that I love listening to and that have to do with…faith and fitness, of course!


Calvary Bible Fellowship Church Sermons (as mentioned above)

Grace to You by Pastor John MacArthur Radio Podcast – I recently downloaded this podcast series on my phone and really enjoy listening to the (30 minute) sermons before bed.


Girls Gone Sporty High Impact Blogging Podcasts – I love listening to these podcasts while walking or running. Hosed by Laura Williams, founder of GGS, this series talks business, fitness, and blogging (some of my fave things!) with successful fitness entrepreneurs. The interviews are really informative and if you are at all interested in your own business or fitness brand, I definitely recommend checking these podcasts out!

Fun and Fit Radio: Active Aging for Boom Chica Boomers by Alexandra and Kymberly Williams – I first heard these two sisters on a Girls Gone Sporty podcast and thought they were hilarious and knowledgable! They talk the talk and walk the walk.

1_corinthians 619

That was not a very extensive list, I know, but it keeps me busy! I am behind on all my podcasts at the moment… listening to Fun and Fit Radio right now while I type this!

Please share…..

Do you have any podcast or radio series that you listen to regularly and recommend?

Do you ever listen to audio-type series while you workout?

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12 thoughts on “Faith & Fitness Fridays: Podcast edition

  1. I have fallen out of listening much lately – for 3 of the last 4 years I’ve worked in a Corning facility 5 miles from home, and last year I was constantly traveling to the facility in Kentucky ..

    As for listening, I am always ‘one with nature’ for my runs :)

      • Some of it is thinking, some of it is what I call ‘active meditation’, a sort of spiritual connectedness with nature and the world around me, listening to nature, and just connecting with myself and enjoying my breathing and footfalls and being thankful that even as I am pushing 50 I can get out every day and run. :)

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