Boredom Buster Treadmill Workouts!

Fall2 2013

It’s starting to get chilly outside in Pennsylvania… although compared to what is to come, it actually is not too bad right now!

Nonetheless, if you are starting to bring some of your workouts indoors these days, don’t let the treadmill boredom blues get to you this year!

If I do not have a plan to constantly change my speed or incline on a treadmill or elliptical, I will be lucky if I last more than 5 minutes before I convince myself that the workout is not worth the boredom!

So, in an effort to save you from the treadmill boredom blues and to help get me through the Holiday Sweat Challenge this year, below are some of my fave treadmill (or elliptical or bike) workouts that I use for myself and my clients.

30 Minute Mix-It-All-Up Treadmill Workout

Warm up
0-2 minutes: speed 3.0, incline 2
2-4 minutes: speed 3.5, inline 4
5-6 minutes: speed 3.5, incline 6

Start Sweating
7-8 minutes: speed 4.0, incline 2
9-10 minutes: speed 4.5, inline 4
11-12 minutes: speed 5.0, incline 6
13-14 minutes: speed 5.5, incline 2

Work the Glutes
15-16 minutes: speed 4.0, incline 10
17-18 minutes: speed 3.5, inline 12
19-20 minutes: speed 3.0, incline 14
21-22 minutes: speed 3.0, incline 15

Run it Out
22-23 minutes: speed 5.0, incline 0
23-24 minutes: speed 5.5, inline 2
25th minute: speed 6.0, incline 2
26th minute: speed 6.5, incline 0

Cool Down
27-28 minutes: speed 3.5, incline 6
29-30 minutes: speed 3.0, incline 0

40 Minutes Beginner HIIT Workout

(RPE = Rates of Perceived Exertion on a scale of 1-10)

Warm up
1-5 minutes: warm up, easy pace

High Intensity Intervals 1:3
6-15 minutes: 
30 seconds: sprint (RPE 7-8)
90 seconds: recovery intervals (RPE 3-4)
REPEAT 5 times = 10 minutes

16-25 minutes: easy pace/recover (RPE 2-3)

High Intensity Intervals 1:3
26-35 minutes:
30 seconds: sprint (RPE 7-8)
90 seconds: recovery intervals (RPE 3-4)
REPEAT 5 times = 10 minutes

Cool Down
36-40 minutes: slowly start bringing pace down to an easy walk

40 Minutes Advanced HIIT Workout

(RPE = Rates of Perceived Exertion on a scale of 1-10)

Warm up
1-5 min: warm up, easy pace

Higher Intensity Intervals 1:2
6-11 minutes:
30 second intervals at RPE 8-9
60 seconds intervals at RPE 3-4
REPEAT 4 times = 6 minutes

12-15 minutes: easy pace/recover (RPE 2-3)

Repeat above 10 minute circuit (Intervals and Recover) 2 more times
16-35 minutes: 6 minutes of HIIT 1:2 intervals, followed by 4 minute recovery

Cool Down
36-40 minutes: slowly start bringing pace down to an easy walk

30 Minutes Ladder Sprints

Warm up
1-5 min: 2.5 working up to 3.5 mph walk

20 minutes: Intervals 1:1
1 minute—run at 6 mph
1 minute—walk/jog at 3.5 mph
(Increase run speed by 0.5 mph each run cycle up to 9 mph, then go back down to 7.5 mph = 20 minutes. You can adjust the pace you start at depending on your fitness level, so you may start running at 4.0 mph and work your way up)

Cool Down
26-30 minutes: 3.0 down to 2.5 mph walk

funny ecard margaritas

Do you have any favorite treadmill workouts? 

Things don’t always go as planned…but sometimes, they go better

Early this summer I started working on a new blog. I bought a domain name, finally went self hosted, researched widgets and what not, started designing my new and improved site, listened to tons of podcasts about blogging and marketing and social media, came up with a publishing plan, and I even created an e-book. I was on a roll…

And then I kind of got burnt out.

There was A LOT to do and it became extremely overwhelming and time consuming. I decided to take a little break and figure out what I really wanted to do with blogging!

And then life happened.

I found out I was going to be having a baby next year and I married my best friend.


me and noel

we did it

With all the excitement and planning and just being downright tired – blogging took the back seat!

I am super anxious to get back to blogging though and plan to get this new site up and running soon!

I got really into personal training last year and originally thought I wanted to come up with a site geared more towards trainers and fit pros, but with fitness advice that would also benefit the general public.

Then I started learning more about social media and I always loved business, so wanted to include posts and great tips about marketing as well.

Then I thought about the blogs I love to read and how they include such great pictures and reviews of workout classes and recaps of awesome fitness experiences.

I started reading more about photography and now really want to take a class next year when it opens up at my local community college in the spring. (If you are at all interested in photography or just reading about an awesome blogger, you must check out one of my fave sites In It For The Long Run – this girl rocks.)

Then I realized my goal of finding focus and direction to my blog was started to get a little out of control… So I would love some help!

As readers of health and fitness blogs, and most likely bloggers yourself, tell me – who are some of your fave bloggers or fitness sites and why??

What is something you wish your fave bloggers posted more about? 

Any frustrations with the blogging or fitness world? 

A summer blogging break

Hola! I have been on a serious blogging break from Shh…Fit Happens and I think I am going to continue it through the summer… I am working on a new blog, which takes up a lot of time, and after countless hours in front of the computer during my favorite time of the year, I decided I needed a little break!

Everyone needs a break now and then to avoid burnout! That is why we take vacations. That is why we take rest days and do easy jogs. That is why we design periodized fitness programs. So we can regroup, recover, and come back better than ever!

Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.  – Ovid

So, I will be back to blogging soon. In the meantime, I am going to just enjoy reading all of you awesome bloggers’ blogs!

Enjoy the salt in the air and the sand in your hair!

Happy summer!

Goals are dreams with deadlines

If you don't build it someone else will

I wrote these two quotes in a notebook some time ago. I knew I liked them. In fact, I love them!

I didn’t put the inspirational words into action though. The quotes stayed in the book, along with a sample business plan I put together, entrepreneur success stories cut out of a magazine, and random invention ideas.  Continue reading

I’m having burpees for breakfast! Join me?

Hello! I am guest blogging over on Burpees for Breakfast and talking about why we should be doing more pulling movements than pushing!

If you have never checked out Burpees for Breakfast, do yourself a favor and hop on over there, because Jen is awesome and she writes a freakin’ fantastic blog!


Hunching of the shoulders takes it’s toll on the body. Our back muscles become used to being rounded and stretched out and our chest muscles become chronically tight. Keep in mind, just because the chest muscles are tight, it does not mean they are strong. 

So what can we do to counteract some of these common everyday “hunching” instances that probably happen more often than we realize?


Read more here >>


I am keeping it short today so I can watch the World Cup and then go play soccer myself!!


world cup #usawnt

Mastering the Side Plank

Side planks are hard.

Harder than regular planks.

But they don’t have to be hard forever.

it is supposed to be hard

One of the reasons many people tend to find side planks harder than regular planks is because you are holding your body up with one arm instead of two.

You only have two point of contact (one arm and both feet together) versus three point of contact in a regular plank (right arm, left arm, and both feet together) =  less stability = more challenging!

The footing can also be a bit tricky.

Many people struggle with side planks because they do not have their feet lined up properly. In a true side plank, the feet are stacked one on top of the other. A modification is to put the top foot in front of the bottom foot, heel to tow, for a wider surface area. The third modification, which is great for beginners, is to drop the bottom knee down to the mat which allows for even more surface area and greater support.

side plank footing positions

Side planks target the obliques, strengthen the entire core, improve balance and posture, can assist in reducing back pain, and there are so many ways add variety to make them more FUN! :)

Below is a workout (and a video demonstration of each exercise) with 5 different ways to add variety to the side plank. Get ready to work those abs!

10 Side planks with arm scoops

10 Side planks with arm and leg swings

10 Side lying leg raises

10 Side plank hip drops

10 Side Plank crunches

Switch sides

I am linking up on Wild Workout Wednesday today! Have a workout, fitness find or healthy recipe to share? Hop over to the link up, grab the badge, and share the inspiration!

wild workout wednesday


What are some side plank variations you like to use?

Did the quote above remind you of A League of their Own? :)

30 Best Fitness Blogs for Personal Trainers


Since officially becoming an ACE certified Personal Trainer and transitioning in to the fitness field full time (versus teaching classes and training friends on the side), I feel I am looking at the fitness industry in a whole new light.

In the first three months of becoming a PT and training clients, I learned sooo much!

I used to flip through SHAPE magazine and google “exercises for your butt” and figured I had a pretty good grasp on this whole fitness training thang… Ha!

Don’t get me wrong, that works for some people! It worked for me at one point in my life.

As a Personal Trainer though, I feel it is my job to continuously expand my knowledge and seek the most up-to-date and trust-worthy information out there. More times than not, all my clients read are the magazines at the grocery store that show skinny, tan girls with no previous injuries doing lunges in their bathing suits on the beach. Once again, that is great for the 20 year olds out there, but let’s be honest, how many of our clients are healthy 20 year old girls who workout on the beach in minimal attire!?

I look back to the classes I taught last year and think how much more awesome of an instructor I am now that I have a PT certification and spend hours a week reading and researching reputable blogs, websites, books, and podcasts.

(Check out my post from the other week about my Fave Podcasts.)

As a new or veteran trainer, I truly feel we can always learn something from our peers in the industry. I have found some seriously kick-butt blogs and websites these past few months that I think have helped me as a new Personal Trainer. I hope they will also help you.

Whether you are a trainer or someone who values the importance of reputable fitness information in your life, I think you will benefit from at least a couple of these links below. We all have a body, why not learn a little something about how to keep it healthy and happy!

I am sure this list will grow, as almost every time I find a great site, it leads to five more awesome sites, but as of today, here are my top 30 go-to websites that I recommend you add to you favorites bar or list.

the ptdc

My #1 recommendation (The Personal Trainer Development Center)

This is my FAVE site and I check it multiple times a week and could spend hours reading through past posts. The PTDC has a TON of info on training, programming, nutrition, research, business, blogging… If you are a personal trainer and only click one link in this whole post, make it this one!

The Human Body, Science, and Nutrition

Mobility 101 – I read this article like 5 times and now used the deadbug variation exercise with many clients
Dr. John Ruson
Precision Nutrition
Authority Nutrition
Muscle Evo
Science and Medicine: Nutrition category
Movement as Medicine

Fitness and Strength Training

Iron Body
Girls Gone Strong – The discovery of this site has led to me finding so many other influential people to follow in the industry.
Dean Somerset
Jen Sinkler
J Max Fitness
Neghar Fonooni – Eat, Lift, and Be Happy
Nia Shanks – Lift Like a Girl
Syatt Fitness
Roman Fitness Systems
T Nation – I love how they outline key point at the beginning of every article.
Juggernaut Training
Breaking Muscle
Eric Cressey
Lou Schuler – Just listened to him on The FitCast podcast – he has been in the industry for a while and has a ton of great info to share.
Bret Contreras
Strength and Conditioning Research

Business Development and Growth

The Personal Training Development Center (the PTDC)
Chalene Johnston – She has a ton of stuff going on but I especially love her Build Your Tribe podcast!
Amy Porterfield – Amy also has an awesome podcast and you can pretty much read it all in her show notes (basically a blog post) on her page as well.
Marie Forleo
Social Media Examiner

life is good God is better

Please, please share any great websites or blogs that are key to your success or fitness knowledge!?!?