Summer time and the livin’ is easy

Wow, summer is flying by… and I have not posted in over a week and a half!! I have tried to keep up with blogging, but clearly I have fallen a bit behind! When I first started this wee little blog, I tried to post 2 -3 times a week…not so much lately.  I tell you, I don’t know how some of these bloggers keep up with it all….oh yeah, they quit their real jobs, have husbands that can support them, and become full time bloggers (how fancy)! :) tumblr_inline_n4v91ntP2y1qjygqr

While my life is not quite as fancy, I have been having fun while keeping busy with a few new fitness ventures, workouts, and enjoying the sun!

20140721-222022-80422234.jpgJumps in the sun = hard work, multiple camera takes, and fun!


I have been trying to buckle down and really study my Personal Training material… with a little help from an old friend, Red Wine, of course.

20140721-230225-82945016.jpg Early mornings and myself have become much better acquainted lately. I have been teaching  a Stability and Balance class a few days a week at 6:30 AM – which I am actually loving! It is such a different way to challenge your muscles and improve core stability and strength. Quite a change from the high intensity classes I am used to teaching!


I had the opportunity to lead an hour long kids tennis conditioning clinic a couple days this week at the country club I work for… that was interesting, to say the least! The thought with participating in the tennis clinic was that it might open up some doors to start a kids fitness program, and it might and it would be a great program if we got it together, but I sure did not know what I was getting myself into!   I had about 16 kids between the ages of 8-12, all boys except 2, and they came to me at the end of their day and they were definitely rowdy… but we had some fun, shared some laughs, and everyone I survived! :)


 A soccer field – what a beautiful sight. I spend 2 days a week here playing on my rec league in the summer. Our season actually just ended last night though (tear).


Speaking of soccer…. The other day my dad asked me what my favorite number growing up playing soccer was, I told him 17, and then the next day we were driving somewhere in my car together and he noticed my odometer! Pretty cool, eh?! Although what is not so cool is my poor car is getting old! I am going to ride her till she can’t go any more though!

Dirty girl bouncy

I wrote a post last week about the Dirty Girl Mud Run I did and  I just wanted to share one of the photos the event released. I give them credit because the photos that were taken by photographers (like this one) were actually really cool.  And unlike a lot of races, they did not make them super small or put writing all over them so you would have to buy the pictures to actually get a good shot.


Hope you are enjoying your summer!!

If you are a blogger, how do you make the time to keep up with it consistently?

What is the most miles you ever had on your car before you got rid of it or it broke?

Any tips for teaching kids fitness?

Fun weekend at the Dirty Girl Mud Run in Eastern PA!

This past weekend was a fun, and muddy, one! A group of awesome girlfriends formed a team and we called ourselves Mud, Sweat, and Beers!

Mud Run before shot
We dressed alike, we ran, we climbed over obstacles, we climbed under them, we crawled through mud, we hiked the hilly course in PA, we supported one another, we laughed, and we all stuck together like a true team!  Continue reading

Patriotism looks good on athletes!

In honor of celebrating the fourth of July this past weekend, I am linking up with The Blonder Side of Life today for the Secret Blogger link up that has a special theme of independence!

Ever since a young age, we play sports representing a local business or our town, as we grow up we represent our high schools and colleges, and some even move on to represent their city or state, and the elite ones represent our country.

There is no doubt there is patriotism in sports. So in honor of Independence Day last week, check out some great shots of athletes showing their American pride!  Continue reading

Active Accessories: On-The-Go Hair Band Bracelets [Review]

active_accessories2 Do you suffer from hair tie wrist dent-itis (it’s a thing…I think!)?

Do you find yourself wearing your old hair ties around your wrists more than your pretty lil bracelets? (I am totally guilty of this) Some might call this ugly ponytail holder bracelet syndrome… it is a sad thing indeed.  Continue reading

Faith & Fitness Fridays: Kindness


The fitness industry can be extremely competitive. You may work at a big gym and compete with other trainers, not because you think you are better or want to see anyone fail, but because you got to eat! Been there!

The fitness industry can be harsh. You might have a participant in your class tell you how you should be doing something better, question every exercise, or just plain walk out. There are challenging students all over, use them to help you grow. Been there!  Continue reading

AFAA and NASM Online Group Training Course


I completed one of AFAA’s (American and Fitness Association of America) online courses (e-AFAA) last week as part of my continued education and because I wanted to check it out!

AFAA is one of the few companies I have found that offers online training courses. Unfortunately, AFAA CEUs (continued education units) only count towards AFAA certifications and certificates. Therefor, the CEUs I earned for this online course will not count towards my ACE Group Exercise certification.  Continue reading