Fit Blog NYC Meet & Tweet 2014 Recap

 FitblogNYC collage

The Fit Blog NYC Meet and Tweet was an amazing experience. I wish I could take off work every Thursday and head to New York City to spend the day with awesome health and fitness bloggers, listen to inspiring speakers, eat delicious and healthy meals, and get super sweet swag!

But since that’s not going to happen, I will do my best to recap the day in this post…

The morning started off at 6:50 AM when I hoped on the bus from Pennsylvania into New York City. I was running late so was sans coffee and then we got stuck in traffic and were an hour late to arrive in the city.

Lucky, I saw Kayla and Elyse on the bus, which was not only great because they are amazing people and bloggers, but they also both used to live in NYC so they were all business and booked it (in the rain) to the Mercedes Club. If I was on my own, that mile walk totally would have taken me twice as long! New Yorkers are so fast!

Once we got to the Mercedes Club, Fitness Magazine had a spread of fresh fruit and breakfast scones and muffins, and, most importantly, coffee! We checked in and got some breakfast, and then made our way to a few seats just in time for the first guest speaker.


#FitblogNYC Meet and Tweet

I did my best to eat my scone, drink my coffee, listen to Holly Rillinger, tweet about #FitBlogNYC, and not drop everything all over the place! On more than one occasion on this trip, I needed an extra hand or two!

Holly talked about how she has made a dream board ever since she was young, and still does so as an adult, as a way to keep keep focused on all the goals and dreams she hopes to achieve. She talked about how fitness is the new going out and that there are so many options today for people to make fit happen. She said if someone does not like training with her, that is OK! One size does not fit all and people need to find what works for them. She also stressed the importance of doing more pull movements versus push movements with clients. People spend a lot of their time sitting and hunched over and, therefore, their chest muscles get tight so it is important to stretch the chest muscles and strengthen the back mouth muscles with pulling movements.


The next speaker was Marci Goolsby, MD, who spoke about how to stay healthy and the importance of eating, training, and resting properly when pushing the body to the limit. While I will never be a marathoner runner and I do not plan my workouts much at all, I really do agree with the point that Marci made about listening to your body. She said it is  OK to skip a workout or change your training plan deepening on how your body is feeling. If you planned to run 3 miles today but are really tired, take a rest day.  If you just did a killer workout yesterday and planned to rest today but feel great, then go ahead and get your fitness on!

I always tell people that they know their body best and it is so important to listen to your body. Our bodies do an amazing job of overcoming stress and working to maintain homeostasis.

marci #fitblognyc

The next guest speaker was Carla Hall from The Chew. I don’t really watch The Chew and did not know who she was, but let me tell you, this lady was funny! And now I know who she is! In fact, I just saw her on the news the other morning promoting her new restaurant. Isn’t it funny like that, once you see someone one time, then they pop up everywhere!

Carla talked about following her heart, doing what she enjoys, trying and failing in her career path, living healthy, and cooking with love.

carla hall #fitblognyc

Before I knew it, it was time for lunch and networking with sponsors and fellow bloggers! This was probably the most fun. I met up with Rachael (Diapers and Dumbbells) and we made our way around the sponsor tables, tried on shoes, and even did a plank challenge.

Rachael and I at #fitblogNYC



After all the sponsor fun, we grabbed some lunch. Everything was sooo good… fresh green smoothies, creative salads, and a Greek style chicken dish (I love anything with olives!)

After lunch was a Panel Discussion with Bianca, Anne, and Laura. They spoke about starting their wee little blogs and then growing them into a business.

smoothies #fitblognyc

apple crisp

panel discussion FitBlogNYC

The final activity of the day was a run down by the waterfront. I have never ran in NYC, so I figured I had to! The run was led by the Hoka One One crew and the editors of Fitness Magazine. Despite it raining in the morning, it turned out to be a really warm day, perfect for a little 3 mile run!

Pre-run at #fitblogNYC_Hoka_one

NYC Run with Fitness Magazine and HOKA

hudson river run

ship happens

After the run, they gave us an amazing goodie bag that was filled to the top with all sorts of gifts…  Reebok shoes, face lotions and cleansers, healthy bars and snacks, bracelets, and so much more!

swag_bags! #Fitblognyc

Before I started my mile trek back to the bus station with my huge bag, I had to go charge my phone because all the tweeting really took a toll on my battery! And I was glad I did because I got the chance to talk with Annmarie (The Fit Foodie Mama), Nicole (Fitful Focus), and Lindsay (Lindsay Weighs In). We also go a picture rockin’ our matching Hoka One shoes!


Once I lugged my bag back to the Port Authority, stopping every block to switch hands, I had just enough time for a cupcake at the Cake Boss before boarding the bus and heading back home to Pennsylvania.

NYC sidewalk

cake boss treats

Farewell NYC

It was a wonderful experience and I am very thankful to Fitness Magazine for the opportunity. I think the best part of the whole day was meeting so many great people who share a passion for health and fitness. Everyone from the bloggers to the editors to the sponsors were so nice, and while all the gifts they gave us were so wonderful, the opportunity to meet so many great people and the relationships I made were truly priceless!

Thank you Fitness Magazine! :)

I am going to #fitblognyc for my first Meet and Tweet with Fitness Magazine…Tweet me luck!

Yesterday I completed my “training” for the Runner’s World 10k this weekend. My training plan consisted of playing soccer and teaching a few fitness classes each week and running whenever I felt like it. And yesterday, I felt like it!

So off I went for a little 2.5 mile jog around the golf course I work at… I didn’t want to over train or anything, so 2.5 miles in the past 2 weeks sounded like a good number to me. :)

course run view

The pretty fall view on my run.

course run

Quick break for a photo op in front of the colorful trees

OK, now for the really exciting stuff… I am going to New York City on Thursday for my first ever fitness/ blogging/ tweeting adventure!

I was intrigued when I got the Meet and Tweet invite from Fitness Magazine in my inbox a few weeks ago. Going to a fitness/blogging event is something I have always wanted to do and NYC really is not that far from me… so I signed up, took the day off work, and now all I have to do is buy my bus ticket!  Luckily for me, there is a bus that leaves right from my town and goes into NYC every day all day.


I was on my way to the Park and Ride station after work today from the opposite end of town to get my bus ticket and while I was sitting in traffic, I thought to myself, “there has to be an easier way to get this ticket!” Then I remembered this little thing called the internet that you can pretty much find whatever you want on now-a-days. Duh!

Close call too, because I almost wasted a half an hour of my life and exerted the extra energy to get out of my car and actually buy something in person! :)

Anyway, I plan to take the bus into the city early Thursday morning and walk the mile to the Meet and Tweet venue (I sure hope it is not raining… otherwise, you will see some wet tweets!)

After that, I really have no idea what to expect! From the email I got today, it appears celebrity trainer Holly Rillinger will be there – I admit I did not know who she was, but then again, I don’t know many celebrity trainers. I will say though, from her website, she looks pretty bad a$$!

I, of course, hope to meet some fellow bloggers, make a few connections, learn lots of great stuff about fitness and social media, and tweet away!

So, if you don’t want to miss a thing, be sure to follow me on Twitter!! And, even if you are not interested in this stuff at all, but made it to the end of this post anyway, please follow me on Twitter as well because I need more followers before I can follow any more peeps… and there are so many tweeters I am waiting to follow once this “not-popular enough” penalty is lifted from me!

Ok, wish tweet me luck!

Any readers going to the Meet and Tweet on Thursday??

What form of social media do you use the most… Facebook, Twitter, Instgram, Pinterest, etc?

Keep in touch, please….with a cherry on top!

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