What has your past taught you about living today {#DISHTHEFIT link-up}

what lies behind us

Happy last Tuesday in October!

I am linking up today with awesome Jessica Joy (from The Fit Switch) and Jill Conyers (from Jill Conyers) for the DISH THE FIT link up #7. I say they are awesome because, well, have you seen their blogs!?

Processed with MoldivJessica mentions in her post today that people often think she is crazy and wonder how she finds the time to blog so frequently, stay active on social media, make weekly workout videos, and be a mom! I literally thought that to myself as I was reading her blog yesterday. Jessica says her secret is to wake up early every day before her family gets up to enjoy some time with her coffee mug, blog, and basically just “conquer the day”!

On days I don’t have to be at the gym at 6:30 am, I try to wake up early and enjoy a cup of joe while reading, blogging, or watching Good Morning America! But, sometimes…. sleep wins out! :)

coffe o'clock

What my past has taught me about living today…

1. On training hard
I learned some of the most valuable information about making fitness gains when I was training to be and was a college athlete. There is a reason for those phrases like “no pain no gain”, “go hard or go home”, “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”, “if it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it.” Yes, if you are an average Jane and just looking to maintain your weight and be healthy, I would not imagine you are going into the gym to “train hard.” But there is something to be gained from pushing the body to the limits, and then pushing a little harder!

I used to practice soccer throw ins with a basketball instead of a soccer ball… my throw in distance drastically improved that summer! If you want to throw the ball further, practice throwing with a ball that is heavier than the one you normally use.

That same summer, I ran hill sprints up the road in front of my house. They were not fun. But talk about seeing results, try running 10 hill sprints and then time yourself on a flat surface. Those 10 hill sprints SUCK, but they work!

You have to get out of your comfort zone and push your body to uncomfortable limits to see noticeable changes. If you want to get more power in your baseball swing, practice with two bats. If you want to get stronger, lift heavier weights. If you want to jump higher, add resistance to your jump. You get the point.

2. On eating healthy
And if I thought blood, sweat, and tears during a workout was hard, eating healthy is so much harder! No matter how beast mode you go in the gym, you cannot out smart your body by putting junk in it. That being said, life doesn’t have to be a strict diet and I think it is totally necessary to indulge now and then!

3. On life and learning
Never stop learning! There is so much to learn in a lifetime. Learn from others, be inspired by others and share your passion and knowledge with others! We can all learn something from someone else. Pretty amazing if you think about it.

4. On love
I have loved my mom and dad and sister and brother since as long as I can remember. We love others because they are our family, because we think we have to, because they make us happy, or maybe just because they are so cute and cuddly… Yes, my childhood dog popped into my head when I was thinking back on everyone I have loved. But love is so much more than that. Love is not just a feeling but an action.

1 corinthians 13 4

So, right back at ya…. What has your past taught you about living today?

Did you notice I have my Christmas mug out? Are you as excited for Christmas as me!?

My second Runners World 10k and why I didn’t beat my time from last year!

Runners_World_2014 Collage

Last weekend I ran my second Runner’s World 10k in Bethlehem, which was also my second ever 10k, anywhere. I really enjoyed running the race last year… running through my hometown in the fall with the leaves changing colors and the adrenaline of the crowd and other runners, I knew I wanted to do it again this year!

I actually has thought about doing the Five and Dime (5k and 10k), but I waited so long to sign up and I just couldn’t justify paying that much to run!

They changed the course this year to make it less hilly, so they say at least, although, to be honest, I don’t know if it was or wasn’t. I spent most of my time running eagerly awaiting that next mile marker and just trying to get those 6.2 miles over with!

Even though Bethlehem is my hometown, I couldn’t even tell you exactly what the course was, last year or this year! I think I blocked it out.

RW_10k_2014_main_st_ bethlehem

I took this picture during the run but cannot for the life of me remember which way we turned after this street, which is Main St… maybe I have post-traumatic running disorder or something, haha!

I must say the course and foliage was very enjoyable, the  day was beautiful for October, and I felt like I was running pretty well for the majority of the race as I was passing people continuously since mile 3. However, I would be lying if I didn’t tell ya that I was struggling pretty bad towards the very end of the run and he rest of the day!

Once the excitement of running wore off, I felt like my body was saying, “what in the world did you just do to me?!” I was beat. Guess I’m not 20 years old and invincible anymore, ugh.

Looking back, there were quite a few things I should have done differently that I feel would have made a world of difference.  So, let me break it down for ya… what not to do when running a 10k!

For one, I think I was dehydrated. I felt fine during the run, but once I was done I was so thirsty. I should have made more of a conscious effort to drink water through out the 2 days before the run.

Secondly, it was a warmer day than last year and warmer than typical October temperatures. The morning was still a little chilly though and I seriously debated with myself for a good 15 minutes about whether or not to put my bib on my long sleeve shirt or short sleeve one. I was too much of a baby before the run to take my long sleeve shirt off so I put the bib on my long sleeve Eddie Bauer shirt I got from the Fit Blog NYC Meet & Tweet. That was a MISTAKE and I should have known I would get hot! I was warm by the first mile and felt like I was overheated by mile 4 when the sun started to really shine. I actually got a headache around mile 5 because of being so hot and probably dehydrated too.

Thirdly, I started the run back at the 13 minute mile marker because I was with someone who was a slower runner. I didn’t track my pace, but I ran pretty slow for about a mile and half with my friend before taking off and going at my own speed. I feel like I spent the rest of the race trying to make up for lost time and running at a faster pace than was comfortable for me.

Haha, love these girls' excitement in this picture! :)

Haha, love these girls’ excitement in this picture! :)

I was trying to beat my time from last year, and I really felt like I ran fast for the last 4 miles. Unfortunately, starting slow and trying to make up for it was a lot harder than I realized and I didn’t beat my time from last year.


RW 10k 2014 results


While I was thirsty, tired, had a bit of a headache, and felt a tad nauseous for a minute after I crossed the finish line, once I chugged some Powerade and ate a little something,  I jumped for joy to be done! :)

Post race jump 2014

It wasn’t until I went for breakfast and a Bloody Mary afterwards that the run REALLY took its toll on me. I think the combination of the alcohol and the deliciously greasy eggs Benedict and potatoes made me feel like I was going to throw up. All I wanted to do was go lay in my bed. And that I did!

I boxed my breakfast, headed home, and went straight to nap-town without a shower or even brushing my teeth (very rare for me!) I don’t think I ever wanted to sleep so bad in my life. After a good 5 hours or so of shut eye, I did feel much better when I woke up and was able to properly hydrate, finish my breakfast (at 6pm), and finally brush my teeth and shower! What a mess I was!

Despite not achieving a PR for my second 10k and the fact that I felt like I wanted to die, it makes complete sense why the 10k this year so much more difficult than last year.

Last year, I ran at a much more steady state exercise pace (oxygen consumption met energy requirements and the body was below the lactate threshold). Due to not really training much and never running 6 consecutive miles in my life before last year’s 10k, my leg muscles did feel a little weak and tired towards the end of that run. My cardiovascualr system was fine, as I was used to playing soccer for over an hour and I was able to gradually increase my speed throughout the race so it was not a sudden change I had to adapt to.

This year, my muscles themselves felt stronger. I did a couple longer, slow runs before this 10k… no formal training plan or anything, but my body was a little more accustomed to the continuous running I think. However, I really pushed my muscle and cardio endurance to the limits by running at a much faster pace than I was accustomed to. By trying to make up for the slow start, my cardiovascular system was over-loaded and I was unable to sustain such high-intensity exercise efficiently. Of course, the heat and not drinking enough water did not help either!

I literally felt like I could not run another step once I crossed that finish line this year. Last year, I felt like I could run more when I was done!

Runners World 10k finish line

So, what will I do differently next time?! I think I will actually put a little thought and effort into training and work on increasing my anaerobic-endurance so that I am able to sustain higher-intensity exercise for longer periods of time! Hydrating, dressing properly, and gradually increasing my speed will also be on the agenda!

Do you follow a formal training plan when you sign up for races?

Do you gradually get faster during a run, stay the same pace, or alternate between fast and slower intervals?

Fit Blog NYC Meet & Tweet 2014 Recap

 FitblogNYC collage

The Fit Blog NYC Meet and Tweet was an amazing experience. I wish I could take off work every Thursday and head to New York City to spend the day with awesome health and fitness bloggers, listen to inspiring speakers, eat delicious and healthy meals, and get super sweet swag!

But since that’s not going to happen, I will do my best to recap the day in this post…  Continue reading

I am going to #fitblognyc for my first Meet and Tweet with Fitness Magazine…Tweet me luck!

Yesterday I completed my “training” for the Runner’s World 10k this weekend. My training plan consisted of playing soccer and teaching a few fitness classes each week and running whenever I felt like it. And yesterday, I felt like it!

So off I went for a little 2.5 mile jog around the golf course I work at… I didn’t want to over train or anything, so 2.5 miles in the past 2 weeks sounded like a good number to me. :)

course run view

The pretty fall view on my run.  Continue reading

Killer core and shoulder workout with a beach chair

I finally signed up for the Runner’s World 10k in Bethlehem next Saturday…talk about waiting until the last minute! I decided not to do the 5 and dime (5k and 10k)…it was just too expensive to justify paying $80 to torture myself and run 9 miles! I did the 10k last year and really enjoyed it – here is my recap post and Seminar with Runner’s World: What Every New Runner Needs To Know post from 2013.  Continue reading

7 quick and easy breakfast ideas for non-cooks and #DISHTHEFIT link-up

It is really starting to feel like fall around here in PA . The leaves are changing to pretty reds, yellow, and oranges and starting to fall.

Fall at mas

I am linking up today with The Fit Switch and The Fit Pepper for The Fit Dish Link-Up – For today’s topic we are talking about our weakest link in healthy living and how we are going to improve it! They have such clever and beneficial topics.  Continue reading